As of March 2024, I am currently not teaching. However, I will be a TA at the Summer Graduate School on Quantum-Safe Cryptography in Zurich in June 2024.
Table of Contents

Summer Schools

Zurich 2024 - Introduction to Quantum-Safe Cryptography

I am invited to be a Teaching Assistant at the Summer Graduate School on Quantum-Safe Cryptography, organized by Jonathan Bootle and Luca De Feo, from IBM Zurich.

Budapest 2022 - Post-Quantum Cryptography

I was invited to be a Teaching Assistant for the course Code-Based Cryptography at the Summer School Post-Quantum Cryptography 2022 organized in Budapest (Hungary) by Péter Kutas and Kozsik Tamás from Eötvös Loránd University.

  • You can find the lecture notes by Thomas Debris-Alazard on ArXiV.

  • Exercise Session:

    • Basic - Introductory exercises about coding theory and cryptography.
    • Advanced - Two cryptanalysis of McEliece’s like encryption schemes:
      • In the Hamming metric, with (Generalized) Reed-Solomon codes.
      • In the rank metric, with Gabidulin codes. It also introduces this metric.


On this page you can find some teaching material of previous lectures and tutorials I gave.





  • Introduction to Python - L2 MIASHS, Université Paris I Pantheon-Sorbonne.
    • The lectures were given by Laurent Boyer.
    • Tutorials (In French).
  • Oral exams in mathematics for French “Classes Preparatoires MP”.


I prepared the French agregation in mathematics, with a minor in computer science. You can find the list of my developments here (in French), although these notes were never finished.